Never lose track of customer feedback or customer inquiries again. Take back control of the customer conversation and lead with an “end to end” cloud based solution.


Think of our solution as your very own “cloud-based” call center where your customers never have to call a landline again. You can manage the logistics of Customer Feedback or Customer Inquiries throughout your entire organization. Resolution1 enhances the customer experience and protects your business’s reputation by giving you the ability to respond quickly while keeping track of every customer’s feedback.

One Solution

Resolution1 is an end to end cloud-based customer care and feedback management system that helps businesses gather and manage rich, actionable insights about consumer sentiment on their company, their brand, and on specific products or services.

Simply Robust

Resolution1 works right out of the box, with powerful features and robust functionalities to help any business improve their customer support operations across multiple departments and agents. ​

For Everyone

Resolution1 designed its platform to grow and scale to your needs, so whether you’re a startup, SME or Enterprise based business our feature rich system will adapt to your needs. ​

Reporting and Analytics

Data is important. Resolution1 offers robust out-of-the-box analytics and the ability to build custom reports that align to your business needs. This allows you to measure the return on your investment. Our reporting also uses sentiment analysis on your social sites, to give you an instant health check on your business on all platforms.

Case Management

Track all incoming conversations to gain immediate insight on all commentary or social posts and instantly see the status throughout the case management resolution process. Prioritize, categorize and assign cases to the right department and agent.

Omni-Channel Support

Our omni-channel feature allows you to enter feedback manually, and stay on top of who’s talking about you on your social channels. Aggregate customer feedback and respond to social commentary through your company’s multiple social channels. Create cases and messages directly from your social feeds into Resolution1’s case manager.

Build Watchlist

The Watchlist allows agents to pin posts of interest from social sites for later review or to aggregate for lead generation and/or other marketing opportunities.

Agents can share “watch list” posts internally with other departments and team members, create custom notes and generate cases as required.

Team Collaboration

Collaborate across teams and departments. Loop in people from beyond your support team, to join the customer conversation all in one application. Share important feedback with your product team without ever leaving the application. Agents can work together to see what the customers needs are and communicate privately in order to complete the resolution process.

Auto Review Generator

This powerful patent pending application allows businesses to easily solicit ratings & reviews from their customers by using our auto review generator feature.

The entire process is tracked and logged making it as simple as possible to increase positive ratings & reviews without forcing customers to register if they don’t want or have the time to.

AI Powered Sentiment Analysis and Process Automation

We apply artificial intelligence and natural language processing to automate standard repeatable tasks, enable more impactful use of data, and create tools that boosts agent productivity and decision making.

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