A pay-wall free social sentiment-gathering platform for Customer Feedback, offering companies an opportunity to create positive outcomes in after-sales customer interactions.


Today’s shifting review ecosystem allows for rampant ranting with little focus on finding resolutions. GripeVine’s consumer-to-business platform helps build a customer feedback minded community focussed on transparency, mutual respect and open communications amongst like-minded consumers and businesses – all working together – to facilitate positive outcomes.  

Pay-Wall FreeWe don’t take businesses hostage! GripeVine differentiates itself from rating & review sites by connecting businesses directly with their customers without the worries of having to pay for such access.
TransparentWith a focus on sincerity, respect and open communications to build trust through transparency, GripeVine is the “go to” consumer-to-business platform for many Fortune 1000 brands.

Start A Conversation

Rate your experiences, good or bad. Offer compliments or seek resolution by interacting directly with business agents on GripeVine’s proprietary customer care and feedback management platform.

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Follow trending conversations at all times.

Comment on and or like posts.

Share posts through your social feeds.

Be Heard

Private messaging between customers and businesses for positive resolutions

For Consumers

“Why use your social when you can use our’s?” Message businesses privately off your social in order to reach a satisfactory resolution.

For Businesses

Why use the comment sections to work out your differences. Use Gripevine’s proprietary customer care & feedback management solution to manage the end to end process discreetly and securely.

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Win Back The Conversation

We’ve created easy to install ratings, reviews and commentary widgets helping you bring back the conversation within your website.